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Cole Whitaker
Volunteer Coordinator

READY? Click the ink pen to get started!

Are you interested in being a penpal for a senior? Great! Whether you're a child, an entire classroom, a grandmother, or anywhere in between...if you're ready to write, you're in the right place.

Here's how it works: Simply fill out the information form by clicking on the pen to the left. We match volunteers and seniors on a first-come, first-serve basis. When you're up, our Volunteer Coordinator, Cole, will reach out at the email you provide and let you know the name of your new penpal and the address of his/her facility. You then write a letter--or type, however you work best--saying whatever you'd like. Within one week of receiving your penpal's information, you will mail the letter directly to the facility.

We encourage you to ask questions of your senior, share a little about yourself, and be ready to make a friend. Remember, they opted in to this program for a reason, and we should honor that basic human need for communication.


Though it is obviously not required, we encourage you to keep trading letters with your penpal as long as the arrangement is mutually agreeable. You may have more than one penpal at a time if you wish, as long as you commit to sending the initial letter within one week of assignment.

There is no cost to you--except that of the stamp, the paper, and the pen.


We would deeply appreciate if you'd take a picture of your letter writing adventures and share it with us.

Important: Project Penpal does not review your letters in any way. We trust our community of volunteers to be respectful and kind at all times. Our facilities are instructed to let us know immediately if any letter, for any reason, does not meet these criteria, and we will promptly remove that volunteer from our program. You should also know that we will never provide anyone, including our seniors, with your cell phone number or any other identifying information. We stick to letters here. You may choose to give your penpal your phone number, but that is not sanctioned through Project Penpal.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of our program. We would not be here without people like you.

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