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Cindee Whitaker
Outreach Specialist

Are you a staff member of a nursing home or assisted living facility and interested in partnering with Project Penpal? Do you know someone who may be interested and want us to contact them? Great! You're in the right place.

Simply fill out the form by clicking the letter on the left, and our wonderful Outreach Coordinator, Cindee, will follow up with any necessary questions. Once we verify your information, here's how it works: you provide us a list of seniors who would like to receive a letter. Names are the only pieces of identifying information we need. (And, of course, the address to your facility.) We'll do the rest. The letters will be mailed directly from our volunteers to your door for you to distribute however you'd like.


There is no cost whatsoever associated with our project. But you can pay us back, if you want, by sharing photographs of your residents with their letters. That would mean the world to us.

We are a small organization, and we will fulfill your request as soon as we possibly can. 

Please note that, due to privacy and security concerns, we cannot send penpal letters to private home addresses. If you know someone in this situation who is isolated yet ineligible for a letter, email with the subject line "Call Referral." Jessica (or the team, depending on volume), will call your senior instead.

Nobody should feel alone.

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